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Here’s an insert from the post,

“I remember having lunch with a colleague who swore up and down that his low-carb diet plus daily running was the secret to staying in shape.

I had to follow-up with a painful question: “Well, why aren’t you actually in shape?”

After a long pause: “Uhh, I’ve had a hard time sticking with it. We just had our second child. The holidays just ended. I just switched jobs.” He trailed off…

“But, once everything settles down, I’ll get with the program and get in shape again! I guess I’m just on a little break.”

This story illustrates the point of my latest article perfectly.

Here’s someone who’s built his fitness on a house of cards. He knows only one thing: How to get in shape by following a very challenging program when the conditions are perfect.

And whenever life isn’t perfect, which is most of the time, he hits the pause button. He waits for a better time. (All the while losing the health and fitness he previously worked so hard for.)

That’s why, when our clients ask to press pause, we usually ask them: “What will be different when you come back?”

Nine times out of 10, the honest answer is nothing. Nothing will be different. Life is just…happening.

And it’ll happen again in January, or after the baby is born, or after Mom gets better, or at any other arbitrary point you pick.

And whatthen?

Nowadays I like to think of my fitness and nutrition efforts as a dial.

There are times when I want to dial my efforts up, and times when I want to dial them down. But I never want to turn the dial off completely.”

Pause Button Nutrition Precision NutritionMore on this idea:

Okay, back to what I have to say. I frequently talk about the ebb and flow of life.

I pound the idea of a healthy lifestyle in to anyone that listens and this article really describes the why behind this philosophy but it also gives a lot of fantastic examples. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

Any questions? Maybe you’re ready for a change?

Shoot me an e-mail and I can help you begin this new approach to the rest of your life.

Lift Life Fit Freaks!

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