How to Manage Your Thoughts and How to Build Momentum

Strategies for managing your health, wealth, and lifestyle.

We ended Episode 2 by talking about THOUGHTS.


Your thoughts lead to your words.

Your words lead to your actions.

Your actions lead to your habits.

Your habits lead to your character.

Your character leads to your DESTINY.

Question #1: 

What are your thoughts on thoughts; and how do you manage your thoughts through the day to be as productive as possible?

Your thoughts are very important because they ultimately lead you to your destiny.

Tony Robbins follows a “90-Second Rule.”  He allows himself to feel a negative emotion for 90 seconds, and then he must shift his mindset and get himself into a more empowering state.

We must begin to increase our self-awareness and recognition of our thoughts.  A thought is the impetus for an action.  And our actions lead to our results.  And we have control over our thoughts.  To make any improvement to our thoughts, we must first truly believe that we have control.

RE: Tim Ferriss interview on Tony Robbins Podcast:

“Don’t believe everything you think.” – BJ Miller

A thought that goes through your head is not guaranteed to be true.  Be careful about what you allow yourself to believe about what you initially think about a specific topic, idea, or situation.  Often, reality is much different than your perception.

What do you do when you have a negative, unproductive thought pop into your head?

#1. Cultivate self-awareness

#2. Uproot the thought.  Ask yourself, “Where did it originate from?”

– Here is an example:  

– You wake up and have thoughts and feelings about not wanting to go to work.  These thoughts and feelings most likely are derived from a belief or expectation about what the rest of your day will be like.

– In this scenario, we’re telling ourselves, “The rest of this day is going to be bad because of X.”  “X” could equal “…because I have to work an extra two hours.”

– When you really consider what this means, it COULD BE a great thing because it could actually align with your goal, say, of spending more time with your clients and further developing your relationship with them.  An extra two hours at work could mean more opportunity to give more value to more people which could align perfectly with your purpose and ultimate goal.

**Uprooting your negative thoughts is a good practice for reminding yourself of your true, core beliefs.

Zeek, when going to sleep at night, likes to capture his thoughts and trash them because going to bed is the last time you need to think about any issues in your life.  You must prepare to go to sleep correctly.  Recognize your thoughts and get rid of them.

Zeek uses the app “Sleep Cycle” to track his sleep.

*NOTE: We will discuss sleep in a future episode.  What are your challenges and struggles with sleep?

(Again) RE: Tim Ferriss interview on Tony Robbins Podcast

In Tim’s new book Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers, Tim points out that many of the top geniuses and performers he interviewed are individuals who prioritize getting eight hours of sleep.  SLEEP IS IMPORTANT.

Another way to shake off negative thoughts or states of mind is to MOVE.  Change your physiology.  Stand up and walk over to the water cooler.  Get your blood pumping.  Remember the power of your posture.

The fastest way to change your mental and emotional state is to make a radical change in your physiology.  Jump up and down.

Be resourceful with your thoughts.  Once you’ve shaken yourself out of a negative, disempowering state, propel yourself forward by intentionally focusing on positive, more empowering thoughts.

Another way to change your own physiology is to “Smile Bomb” other people (thank you Jason Bridges for the term!).  “Smile Bombing” is the simple act of smiling directly at another person until he or she smiles back at you.  When you force yourself to smile, you change your physiology and begin to feel better.  When the other person smiles, you begin to feel the positive energy produced from his or her reaction.  Therefore, your forced smile actually will come back to you as positive, empowering energy that can help you to change your mindset and attitude.

BREATHE!  Practice deep, diaphragmatic breathing (NOT upper chest breathing). **Watch Episode 3 for visual examples from Zeek!

RE: Tim Ferriss / Tony Robbins interview

Tim sometimes finds ways to act absurd.  He will do things that are crazy and outrageous just to keep things fun and interesting—as long as he is not negatively affecting another person’s life.

For example, Tim will go to a Starbucks and lay down in the middle of the floor and watch how people react.

Take this “absurdity” into your own life, in your own way.  Find simple ways to do something unique, fun, and different during your day to change your state and the states of the people around you.

Another way to take action towards changing a negative mindset is to open and hold the door for five different people and greet them as they enter a building.

Have you ever heard someone say, “It’s another day in paradise” in an extremely sarcastic tone?  They’re not only having negative thoughts, but they’re also allowing their thoughts to turn into words.  And, remember, the next step in the process is for those words to turn into actions!

“When you think something and say something, at some point, you must also DO something that aligns with those thoughts and words.  It’s human nature to act congruently with what we say to ourselves or aloud.

Your brain wants to align you with whatever story you tell yourself.

Question #2:  How do you maintain momentum?

– Your goals must be specific; and they must align with your core belief system.  If they don’t align, spend more time thinking about and working on your goals.

If you’re losing momentum, that’s great because it’s feedback that is telling you that whatever you’re currently doing is no longer working well.

If that’s the case, go back to your goals.  Read them.  Review them.  Change them, if necessary.

Revisit your WHY.

“He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW.” – Nietzsche

Daily action builds momentum.

Ensure that your why is strong and DEEPLY meaningful to you.

Typically, when someone has a materialistic WHY, there is an even deeper WHY.  Work to find your deepest WHY.

Write out your daily action steps at the same time that you create and write out your goals.  Do this as opposed to creating and writing out your goals and then writing out action steps a few days or a few weeks later when you’re not in a state that is as emotionally attached to your goals.

Make your goals public.

“Will Power is like a gas tank that you fill up every morning.  And, through the day, you slowly dwindle down that supply of will power.” – Zeek

Embrace grace.  Give yourself grace.  Or, said another way, be kind to yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up mentally.

Having shorter-term goals allows you to have more flexibility to be open to opportunities to be guided in a different direction that might be a better direction for you.

??? What are YOUR steps for defeating negative, disempowering thoughts and building on and maintaining positive momentum?

When we record Truck Truck, we always go LIVE on Facebook so we can interact and answer questions in real time for anyone watching the show.

Lydia asked us about realistic vs unrealistic goals and which one is better.

“It’s important to have goals that are bigger than your initially think are possible.” – J.J.

Again, in the Tim Ferriss / Tony Robbins interview, Tim referred to one of his friends who is a very successful business man (it was either Peter Diamandis or Peter Thiel).  Before investing in a company, Peter will always ask the founder(s), “How can you 10X your business in the next 6 months?”  He always expects an answer.  If the founder says, “That’s impossible,” Peter will say, “I do no accept that answer.”

Similarly, Peter finds it empowering to ask, “Why can’t I accomplish my 10-year goal in the next 6 months?”… It’s probably more empowering to ask it this way: “HOW CAN I achieve my 10-year goal in the next 6 months?”

“Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars.”


Once you have that big, empowering vision to work towards, start attacking your daily goals that will ultimately propel you to that greater vision.

Samara commented on the Facebook Live stream, “If we reached our actual potential, we would astound ourselves.” – Edison.

You must believe.

You must fall in love with the process.

In 1945, a professional runner ran a 4:01 mile.  People began saying that it was impossible to break the 4-minute mile.  They said it was humanly, physically impossible to run a mile in less than 4 minutes.  About 9 years later, on May 6, 1954, a man named Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile by running the distance in 3:59.

Before Roger ever physically stepped on that track to run the race in which he broke the 4-minute mile, he ran the race mentally hundreds of times in his head.  He saw himself breaking the 4-minute mile over and over again with so much certainty in his mind and body that he would inevitably achieve his outcome.  

The more impressive fact was that 2 months after breaking the 4-minute mile for the first time, Roger ran a race in which he AGAIN broke the 4-minute mile.  And, the second time he did it, so did another runner.  And within a year after that, several more people also broke the 4-minute mile time.

Roger Bannister destroyed any limiting beliefs about how fast a person could run a mile.  He proved it was possible.  And his action of breaking the 4-minute mile allowed more people to shatter the mental barrier in their own minds and then go out and break the 4-minute mile too.

Do not limit your potential.  Human potential is virtually limitless.  Decide what you want, and work for it.

What limiting beliefs do you have right now that you feel are holding you back from breakthrough?  Let us know in the comments section below!


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