Hi. I’m Zeek!

I’m a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and blogger.

about zeeks fit freaks

I use myself as a test subject and get the correct answers to health and fitness.

I ask questions! You know like…

What happens when I strap a parachute to my waist and sprint?

Parachute Running Fitness 1 Parachute Running Fitness 2 Parachute Running Fitness 3(Side Note: I Totally Ate 10 Flies Doing This.)

Then I tell the world about it!

Lift Life Fit Freaks!
Are you confused with all the controversial health information out there?!


→ Stick around & lets figure it out together.

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Thanks for reading this far…I know, I’m turning in to quite the long winded chap.

I leave you with my mantra…
Lift Life!
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