What time? Go Time! Go Time Check Your Watch Fit Freak

If you have a pulse and are reading this, you probably have experienced fear before.

One of the mantras I live by has drastically changed my relationships, career, and well-being.
(Who says you can only have one?!)

When you realize fear has crept in to your mind you have five seconds to make a choice.

You must walk up to Fear’s door and before you think about knocking, kick the door in!

Fear? Kick the door down!

Even President Obama knows what I’m talking about!

This “knocking” or five seconds is very important.
I have heard neuroscientists throw this arbitrary number around and I’m sticking with it but the idea is make it FAST!

Think about when you’re sitting in a seat listening to someone give a speech. They do an incredible job and right as they finish you have the urge to give a standing ovation.

Chances are unless you act immediately on that urge, you probably won’t do it.

Or maybe you are headed home and you’re going to have that serious talk with your spouse. You walk in the door and they are smiling at you. That five seconds goes fast…”ohhh I’ll just wait and do it tomorrow”. We know how this story goes.

Bear Face Palm

I caught myself not living up to this powerful mantra recently. I was thinking too much!

I parked my booty on the steps and waited for the door to magically open.

This happens from time to time. When I realize it or a trusted friend notifies of my sad existence on the steps.

I get fired up! Grrr….

grr face mad puppy

I get angry because I let fear dominate me for a period of time I could have been moving forward in life. However, that’s what makes us human!

I can’t get to down on myself though. Being hard on yourself can be good. But..

If you don’t give yourself grace you’re in-prisoning your potential.

woah neo matrix

I utilize this anger to kick the door down immediately and see what waits on the other side. It’s never the big scary thing I talked myself in to believing. After taking that first step of action it starts getting easier to overcome.

Writing this post and beginning my website was the door I needed to kick down today. I wanted to wait until everything was perfect. General Patton once said,

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

Patton speech general

I’ve been talking about doing this for more than three years and I have continued to talk myself out of it the entire time. There hasn’t been much violent execution until this post.

It’s Go Time my friends!

This website is built on a foundation of a broken man trying to become a better one and sharing his health centered lessons in life to his friends and family all over the world. Everyone can be a “Fit Freak” no matter your weight, shape or circumstance!

Never forget, False Evidence Appearing Real Kick your door down!

Lift Life!


PS Speaking of fear… This movie truly put the fear of God in me when I was 10 years old. My disney vhs didn’t work. Ya vhs, what’s that again? My older sister let me watch the “grown-up” movie with her. Shhh Mom and Dad still don’t know.

PSS My favorite glasses to watch TV and use my computer that allows meto sleep better!! No joke!