Is Labdoor Unbiased?

Labdoor is helping a lot of people buy supplements but is Labdoor unbiased? The answer is a resounding yes! I use them and many more health and fitness professionals also use Labdoor.

I have a friend getting his Physical Therapy degree at a prestigious school and a professor was exclaiming how great Labdoor is. I’m going to talk about and Labdoor in the same article because they are both trustworthy, unbiased, and safe resources.

Is Labdoor Unbiased

My Supplement Proposal & Three Step Process

I specifically use the words supplement proposal on this page. I’m not recommending you take any supplements. I am especially not saying to take, THIS EXACT supplement that uses unicorn hooves to lose fat and gain muscle.

I only “recommend” supplements with the clients I work with because I actually “know their bodies” (as best as I can). If you’re one of my clients skip down to my links to the supplement we talked about and “supp up” at your leisure.

Never do I “recommend” supplements for several reasons. I never want a brand name, money, or ego to get in the way of someone’s health and fitness. I take your trust given to me very seriously. However, I get asked this question a lot and I hate seeing Fit Freaks make supplement mistakes that could easily be avoided.

I also did several google searches to see what the current recommendations are. I was very disappointed to say the least. I found many posts detailing the “need” for supplements. This is not only misleading but far from the truth. I’ll explain why but first let me explain the three step process since that may be the only reason you’re reading this.

My Professional Three Step Process

1) Does every ingredient “check out”?
I use for Independent, unbiased, and objective research. The following is a quote from their website to give you a better idea of who they are and how they function.

We were frustrated.

There was no place we could turn to get unbiased information on supplements. Sure, there was Wikipedia, but it wasn’t getting deep into the science.

Everyone else? Had an agenda. Supplement companies misrepresenting science. Media sensationalizing headlines. Companies and individuals pushing unneeded supplements and other products onto you.

And that’s why started in 2011. 100% independent from the start, we’ve never sold any supplements. Or done any coaching or consulting. Or any kind of advertising of sponsorship.

Our goal from day 1 has always been: read the research, make sense of it, and put it online. We’re an education company that looks at only the research – nothing more, nothing less.

And that’s why we’re the trusted brand. We have an entire team, from medical doctors to researchers to professors to pharmacists. Collectively, we come to a consensus that you can trust.

That’s why we’re here. We do the hard work for you.”

2) I double check the specific product with (Unless the product isn’t listed yet)
The following quote is from their website as well.

“Labdoor is an independent company that tests supplements. We find out whether products have what they claim and if any harmful ingredients or contaminants are present. Then, we grade and rank those products, write reports, and publish that information for free, so consumers can confidently buy the best supplements for their health.”

3) I have personally used each supplement I propose. This is an absolute MUST for me. I will not submit anyone to something I don’t take or have taken for my body. (This can also be translated to asking a professional, other than myself and make sure what they are recommending is something they have or currently take.)

That is my three step process. If you use this process you will automatically be optimizing your body safely and efficiently.

I promised to explain why you don’t need supplements. Keep reading while I add in some more “good to knows” if you’re buying supplements and I’ll explain why in defining a supplement.

Proprietary Blends

Be aware of proprietary blends. In most cases I am not a proponent of them. If you’re not familiar with what this is the HPRC defines them as, “FDA requires manufacturers to list all of the ingredients in a product on its label, along with the amount of each (in terms of weight), unless the ingredients are part of a proprietary blend—then the specific amount of each individual ingredient in the blend does not have to be listed, only the total.”

Did you catch that?  “does not have to be listed” This is a easy way to cheat the system for the supplement company and YOU HAVE NO IDEA what you’re actually taking!

Always keep three things in mind when analyzing a supplement!
1) What type of ingredient is in it and what does it do?

2) What time are you taking the supplement in relation to workout or sleep?
(It may not be applicable for your specific goal)

3) What is the total amount of the ingredient?
(If it’s too little or too much it won’t work correctly and in some cases could cause you harm!)

If you want to know more about proprietary blends e-mail me or a simple google search will do but make sure the source isn’t a supplement company or ambassador/associate of a supplement that could be steering you wrong.

ie: Jim Stoppani for instance is a great and knowledgeable guy and also dislikes proprietary blends, however he is selling supplements. Bias? Maybe, maybe not!

I’m not here to judge specific people and their supplements. This is to educate you, the consumer of supplements. In my lifestyle management and personal training business I have rarely come across a client that knows enough about supplements to be buying responsibly. I am personally always learning new things about nutrients and this changes my beliefs about the supplements I take. Try to never be stuck in your ways that you miss a learning opportunity.

The Definition of a Supplement

A supplement is defined as, “something that completes or makes an addition”. This means you should be adding it to an already Complete Nutritional Lifestyle or adding it to enhance but not replace an already accomplished goal, plan, or body.

This sounds really obvious but I see many people replacing real food with a supplement when the real food could actually get them to their goals FASTER and make them HEALTHIER!
Is Labdoor Unbiased Supplements
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