How To Get Better Sleep

How To Get Better Sleep Sleep is the number one overlooked piece of the health pie. Who doesn't want to get better sleep? We try to eat healthier, workout, and squeeze stress balls but sleep is usually ignored. How to get better sleep reminds me of the Matrix. The answer is staring us right in the face but we are too busy [...]

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Creatine and Why I Give It To My Unborn Babies

Creatine, the timeless supplement. I am already contemplating my unborn babies and what supplements they will take. I am clearly obsessed with the human body and the potential living inside all of us, even babies. Creatine is one of the most thoroughly researched supplements out there and widely accepted as safe and effective for adults, even teenagers. As a society [...]

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Precision Nutrition’s Pause Button Mentality

All rights for content goes to Precision Nutrition, Pause Button Mentality I am a certified PN1 through them. I consider them the most prestigious and ahead of the game in the nutrition field. I'm obviously biased but clearly right : ) Anyways on to this MUST READ Post! Here's an insert from the post, "I remember having lunch with a [...]

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Should I Eat Breakfast When I’m Not Hungry

Should I Eat Breakfast When I'm Not Hungry Should I eat breakfast when I'm not hungry. Watch the video if you're sick of reading my corny humor : ) Common Breakfast Questions Answered I'm not hungry in the morning but hungry at night, why? Hormone imbalances, faulty eating patterns, poor sleep. Should i eat even if i'm not hungry [...]

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Thoughts How to Manage them and How to Build Momentum – Truck Talk

How to Manage Your Thoughts and How to Build Momentum Strategies for managing your health, wealth, and lifestyle. We ended Episode 2 by talking about THOUGHTS. REMEMBER: Your thoughts lead to your words. Your words lead to your actions. Your actions lead to your habits. Your habits lead to your character. Your character leads to your DESTINY. Question #1:  What [...]

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Is Labdoor Unbiased? What Supplements Should You Take?

Is Labdoor Unbiased? Labdoor is helping a lot of people buy supplements but is Labdoor unbiased? The answer is a resounding yes! I use them and many more health and fitness professionals also use Labdoor. I have a friend getting his Physical Therapy degree at a prestigious school and a professor was exclaiming how great Labdoor is. I'm going [...]

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