Should We Eat Breakfast or Not? Weight Loss Or Weight Gain?

I'm going to start to work away at some frequently asked questions. Today I'm starting with the age old question, "Should we eat breakfast or not?". I also get asked, "Does it cause weight loss or weight gain?" Please leave your comments and questions on the video, thank you! Lift Life Fit Freaks!

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Thoughts How to Manage them and How to Build Momentum – Truck Talk

How to Manage Your Thoughts and How to Build Momentum Strategies for managing your health, wealth, and lifestyle. We ended Episode 2 by talking about THOUGHTS. REMEMBER: Your thoughts lead to your words. Your words lead to your actions. Your actions lead to your habits. Your habits lead to your character. Your character leads to your DESTINY. Question #1:  What [...]

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What Supplements Should You Take? The Three Step Process To Pick Supplements

This is my Supplement Proposal and the Three Step Process to pick supplements. I specifically use the words supplement proposal on this page. I'm not recommending you take any supplements. I am especially not saying to take, THIS EXACT supplement that uses unicorn hooves to lose fat and gain muscle. I only "recommend" supplements with the clients I work with [...]

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Best Hip Flexors Stretch and Dynamic Warm Up Mobility

The Best Hip Flexors Stretch and Dynamic Warm Up with Mobility  Are your Hip Flexors on Tight and on fire?! Maybe you even have back pain? oooheee! That's no fun! Try the Best Hip Flexors Stretch I use with my clients! PS Tight hips are extremely common! Most of us spend our days sitting, sitting, and sitting some more. Back [...]

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How the Sugar Industry Blamed Fat And Paid Harvard Researchers Off

How the Sugar Industry Blamed Fat  And Paid Harvard Researchers Off   Sooooo the Sugar Industry Blamed Fat and Paid Harvard Researchers to do so? Maybe some of you have noticed, big news organizations NPR, The New York Times, PBS, and more have recently written articles about the sugar industry secretly paying for favorable Harvard research!? Researchers have found documents [...]

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Do You Have A Binge Eating Habit At Night? Like this 17 Year Old Girl

Has the temptation of a binge eating habit crept in to your life? This brave 17 year old girl shares some really interesting truth about a binge eating habit. I think anyone reading this whether you struggle with binge eating or not, will learn a lot from this post. I recently received an anonymous question from a 17 year old [...]

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