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  1. Why do we sleep?
  2. Do we need Quality or Quantity?
  3. My Best Natural Alternatives to Medication
  4. The Sun in your Bedroom
  5. Best Sleep Routines that Work

My Approach

Zeek Fit Freak,
Online Personal Trainer

My primary focus is to change the way people look at and approach health and fitness: this is not about losing 10, 20, or 50 pounds in a year, even though we can do that.

It’s about developing physical and mental habits that empower people to sustainably improve their physical fitness for the rest of their lives; which contributes significantly to mental fitness.

Weight, shape or circumstance doesn’t need to define you. You can change your physical fitness and therefore your mental fitness by developing positive, sustainable habits that build on themselves over time.

It’s the same exact principle as compound interest: the more you have invested in your fitness bank account, the more benefit you get when you invest again in that account.

My approach is NOT a generic, cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all template. I meticulously assess a customer’s physical fitness and specific goals, and then collaboratively develop and implement a long-term, sustainable, realistic fitness regimen to achieve those goals. These assessments are constantly changing with new scientific data and anecdotal evidence to serve my clients best.

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